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    More than 50 police officers were injured , including

    two critically , according to the Interior Ministry , in

    clashes with demonstrators in Siliana " North West " ,

    which saw yesterday a general strike and a

    demonstration to mark the first anniversary of the

    police repression mass protests in the region. The

    Interior Ministry said in a statement that " a group of

    delinquents after the end of the demonstration tried to

    break into the security directorate in Siliana ." She said

    too , " attacks affected public and private property ,

    where the office of the mayor of Siliana station and

    road transport of sabotage , as well as some shops.

    riots Continued to nine o'clock at night , injuring more

    than 50 component damage of varying severity ,

    including fractures ," adding that injuring two of them critically

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